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The Firm, the Reputation, & the Outreach

SECA is an engineering consultancy firm in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, empowering our client with wide spectrum of consultation, design, supervision, project management services. Following Prof. Sabbagh path of academic diligence and professional stamina SECA built its team seeking quality, where qualification and rare skills are valued; and a positive working culture; where interdisciplinary engagement and employees' efforts are reworded. SECA team is enriched with skills in demands; skills and expertise in areas such as project management, building information modeling (BIM), building energy modeling and efficiency, lighting and acoustical analysis, planning and municipal policy and sustainability and green strategies. SECA is also known for its strong access and ties to local and international academics with professional experiences and practices, bringing the latest tools and techniques to its toolkit and consultation solutions. Many of SECA leading team members are highly decorated full professors, PhD and Master Degree holders. This allowed SECA to build a reputation in the Saudi engineering market for the uniqueness and professionalism of its work and to attract attention on the international stage, associating with top global conglomerates.


SECA’s team members has participated in the design, supervision, and project management of more than 30 mega projects estimated at around three billion Saudi Riyals in cost, and had managed to provide quality service in design, supervision, project management and technical services in all engineering disciplines including environment, water, BIM, and energy and building performance. The number of staff for the group varies according to the needs of ongoing projects. It reached about 350 in 2017 and it drops to a minimum of 60. However, SECA group keeps a core of senior engineers in all disciplines at all times, with a strong network of local and international expertise to expand our local presence on demand to respond to client requirements. The capacity of delivering a wide range of project sizes, the competence in dealing with high level of complexity, and keeping a clean track record of client satisfaction.

Interior Design & User Experience

SECA interior and product design work is handled via its subsidiary interior design office, Axis Interior, where attention to luxury, space productivity/performance, and user experience is given its full attention. Axis Interior was born from SECA to aim for the wide spectrum of the interior realm, including spaces and industries such as health care, hospitality, education, cooperate, restaurants and beverages. Designing for these spaces has required; strong engineering and technical backing, proficiency of process and functionality reflecting best practices and international standards, and most significantly, a strong understanding of the cultural and local trends.

Regional Sensitivity

SECA strive to bring forward best practices, with application taken local challenges and requirements into account. SECA years of practice in the four corners of the kingdom allowed our team to gain proficiency and experience in governmental process in addition to local municipal and regulatory and contractual requirements. This experience where undertaken with most of the municipal and mistrial bodies; geographically reached from the far north (arar) to the far south (zahran al-Janob) and dozens of cities and townships in-between.

The Founder

Prof. Jafar Sabbagh, the founder, is one of the Kingdom pioneer engineers, and the first Saudi to gain a PhD in the field of engineering. Prof. Sabbagh has a vast experiences in energy, solar energy, cooling, solar cooling, campus planning and policy, project managements, and mechanical designs where he was directly involved and in the helm of some of the Kingdom key and critical projects.

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At SECA we have a set of values that are the true pillars of our foundation:

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