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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

3D design tools such as modelling and simulation are becoming more advanced and comprehensive.
At SECA we utilize these tools for a more advanced and integrated design process which improves the interactions between the designers and engineers and enhances the quality of the final product.

This integrated strategy is known as building information modelling (BIM), which alters the way of carrying out a project and making the process more inclusive.

SECA uses BIM to create a 3D prototype of the project, where design performance aspects can be simulated and analyzed before construction. It includes all the information needed throughout the whole project phases and it can be accessed and shared easily with all the project stakeholders.


Building Information Modeling

This inelegant process helps the clients to comprehend their projects and aid them to make early decisions regarding the design. It also helps us to understand the design much earlier and tackle all design errors that may emerge during construction and operation, thus saving time and reducing project costs.

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