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Shaqraa Healing Garden, an outdoor garden attached to the health center building, is designed to meet the needs of patients away from the center's atmosphere, as it plays an effective role in improving the healing process. The park also contributes to providing a comfortable environment to nourish the mind, body and soul of its users, reduce their tension and add to them a sense of improvement and optimism. When designing the garden, SECA considered the visual and physical aspects of the elements that give an important and effective effect. The water features and green plants add value to the garden and the patient feels comfortable and calm. The visual aspect is reflected in the interconnectedness of the spaces with each other in terms of safety and variety of function and activities. The visual transition in space will help the user experience become more enjoyable. In addition, the sounds of nature such as birds, water and the movement of trees, give the patient more reflection and serenity. Furthermore, the garden provides an area where users can learn and enjoy agriculture.

Project Information:

Client: Riyadh Region Deputy Governate for Regional Municipalities Affairs 

Project location: Shaqraa

Project type: Design

Project Year: 2018

Project Status: Completed

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